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I never did like being ignored. [18 Aug 2004|04:27pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I don't know what's been wrong with me lately. Things in my head are just so jumbled and my visions have been so off. Mostly they're just painful, confusing images that I can't tell apart anymore. It's almost like when the demon branded me and I was put in the hospital. When I saw everyone and everything in trouble. I haven't told anyone yet, mostly they just think I haven't had a vision in awhile.

Connor has been avoiding eye contact with me for awhile and I know why. He's sleeping with Faith and he thinks that I don't know. Come on kid, I'm a seer. You think the only thing I see are demons? Besides, I'm not blind and I know he didn't get those hickeys from Spark girl. Give me some credit.

Last night I had one of those nightmare visions, ones which I still don't understand how I get. How the hell does that happen and what the fuck is the PTB up to? Unless someone has been intercepting their calls and placing their own. Somehow I wouldn't doubt it and I really don't like someone else fucking with my head. It's bad enough that THEY think they can do it, but some evil loser thinking that they can hack into my mind? That's not even acceptable.

Anyway, I got up and walked down the hall to Faith's bedroom, passing by Groo's in the process. I stopped and leaned my forehead up against his door, taking deep breaths and fighting down the naseau. I miss him. I miss almost everything about him, but I know that things between us are over. He'd never take me back, not after everything I've done to him.

What I have with Faith, I don't even understand. I wish I did, but I don't. It hurts my head to think about it because I know she's not the "stick around forever and mushy stuff" kind of slayer, which is usually okay with me.

I quietly opened her door and I knew she was awake because you can't step near that girl in her sleep without her waking up. Slayer reflexes I guess. I climbed into her bed and curled up against her warm body, one arm snaking around her waist. Her chin rested ontop of my head and I just stayed awake listening to her easy breathing, the pain in my head too much for me to be able to sleep.

I have strong feelings for Faith, I know that, but I haven't really realized how strong they were. As much as I hate to admit it, I don't like the thought of sharing her with Connor. It must be some possessive, almost male like trait I have because I almost want to run a sword through him every time I catch a glimpse of his scrawny figure. But I stop myself because I don't want to push Faith away...I need her too much and that's alot for me to admit. I hate needing people, I've always had people need and want me. That's how it was in high school and I wish that was how it was now. I want Faith to WANT and NEED me, but I honestly don't think that that's ever going to really happen.

Love The LA Gang

[21 May 2004|04:57pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Bloody Los Angeles.

I don't know why I keep coming back here. Its not the sodding sun let me tell you.

It becomes more and more clear that I don't do enough evil. I'm a vampire. Scary. GRRR!

Killed a girl last night. These LA bitches are easy to kill. I have the bad boy look and they fall for it. I take them to a back alley, have my way with her then drain her.

Did see something interesting in my lurking.

I caught a wiff of Faith, thought I'd have some fun with her. When I finally managed to track her, she was already having some fun. With Angelus' son no less.

I bet Daddy would be quite upset if he found out his kid was doing the slayer. I'd tell him but these things have a way of coming out.

Especially when Angelus' vampire sense of smell smells the two of them all over each other. Oh I'd love to see that.

But I've decided to pay a visit to SunnyD. Getting a bit too dull here in the big city. Even for my standards.

Love The LA Gang

The Bet [20 May 2004|10:54pm]

[ mood | horny ]

You know, I'm starting to think our little Boy Wonder here is gettin' a little green eyed monster over this whole thing I got with C. Not that we've been doing much of the screwing since the Karate kid showed up, but I guess it still smarts something fierce that I gave up my nightly rumblings with him for a little more mature feminine loving from the formerly engaged prom queen. Man, what's with me lately and the flings? I've always been a get some, get gone kinda girl... but now I'm turning into the chick everybody wants a few rounds with.

If Angel and Wes start lustin' after me, I'm joining the convent. Because that? Is just plain fuckin' whack. Sure, I had the hots for the big guy at one time, but now we got that whole brother/sister thing goin' on. I've had enough "daddy"s try to get in my pants to not be cool with the familial love turning into something more. And Wes? I'm sorry, but tweed man just ain't my style. I'd be wicked surprised if the boy even knew where to stick it. No offense, but have we seen the dude get busy with anyone in the last couple of years? He's either really good at keeping it under wraps or he's one Hell of a prude. I got my money on the latter.

Anyway, C's been wicked busy with the figuring out her own messed up head lately, so I've got kiddie patrol tonight. Me and Connor got the honors in patrolling tonight. Normally, I'd be all over this party, but none of the guests have showed so the night's a total bust. The kid's pacing something wild back and forth while I'm kicking it back on an oddly comfortable gravestone. There's a few pebbles that managed to keep my attention under wraps. I've been having a blast and a half chuckin' 'em at the boy wonder.

"Would you quit that, already?" he yells fiercely at me when a small white pebble ends up clocking him on the side of the head, right above his ear. If the boy's supposed to be the male form of a slayer, he's sure got some slow reflexives. I could've caught that in my sleep. "It's getting annoying."

"Like you couldn't have caught it," I roll my eyes, clearly dismissing his mini-tantrum. "You know, Connor, if I was a vamp with a wicked looking knife and decided I wanted to take your head off from afar, you'd be deader than your daddy right about now. You really gotta learn to pay attention better. Not all vampires play by the rules. They got no qualms about playing it dirty if it gets the job done."

"Whatever," he mutters. He knows what I say is true though, that's why he's pulling an attitude on me. Kid's a grump when you call him out on shit. Just 'cause he's the Destroyer doesn't mean he's immortal. Same thing about the slayer. Funny thing about us muscle types, for the power we're given, we sure do lead short lives.

"Look, I'm not trying to be all self-righteous here -- that's not my gig -- I'm just saying that it pays to be attentive." A memory of another time paying attention would have come in handy comes to mind. "You could ask Angel about that one."

Kid looks over at me puzzled, his eyes narrowed in that suspicious kind of way. Him and Angel won't be participating in any father-son picnics, but I think they're getting along halfway decent now. At least I don't gotta worry about Connor staking my 12 step buddy.

"What about my father?"

I kick at a pebble, my mouth forming a frown as a flood of bad memories hit me. "Eh, it's nothing that important. Just something I did to him back when I was the bad guy."

I'm kinda creeped out when he starts grinning like I just told him he won the fuckin' lotto. Maybe things between the two aren't so great after all. "What did you do?" he asks me excitedly.

"Played the part of the sniper," I reply, albeit reluctantly. It's not like I'm proud of it. It was a cowardly thing to do in the first place. I was never one to beat around the bush, always more of a stab you in the front kinda chick, yet I still had to do the wimp thing when I took down Angel. "Buffy and Angel were doin' their usual tragic Romeo and Juliet gig when I shot Angel in the back with an arrow dipped in poison. If B hadn't fed her blood to him, you wouldn't be walking this earth today."

Boy's silent for a moment, as if he's contemplating if that would be a good thing or a bad thing. Finally, he looks up at me, his eyes full or curiosity and the slightest hint of list as he steps over to me, trapping (and I use that term lightly, since we all know nobody can really corner me unless I let them) my body between the tombstone and him.

"Does that bother you?"

"Which part?" I smirk up at him, not giving away anything. I dig it when he takes the upper hand. Sometimes I like to be roughed up too. I'm a closet bottom when the occasion suits it.

"The part where I wouldn't be here," he answers darkly, his voice taking on a more manly tone that only manages to turn me on.

"Why would it?" I offer up smugly. "Plenty of other people to fuck."

He catches onto my teasing right away this time, teasing me right back when he clamps his hands around my wrists to show off his super strength. That's gonna leave a bruise. "But they're not like me," he growls, moving in even closer to me. "They're not strong like me. You told me that you don't have to hold back with me."

"That's always a plus," I laugh, a husky one that rumbles deep inside my chest and sends vibrations through my entire body. "You want to try to take me, kid? Go ahead. I'll probably like it. But let me remind you, I'm nobody's property. So if you have some weird territorial thing going on with me, you can forget it right now."

"I don't care what you do with Cordy," he chirps out and funny that, I actually believe it. Guess spending your life in a Hell dimension means you don't learn much about commitment. "Right now, I just want you."

"So take me, lover," I husk. I burn my eyes into his, challenging him further. I know exactly how to press all of his buttons to get what I want out of him. "Want, take, have. Words to live by." I arch a brow up at him now that I've gave him a few choice words to live by. The time for talk is over, we both know that. "Now remind me what I've been missing out on."

The boy wonder pulls me up to my feet, his grip still tight around my wrists. His lips press against mine, hard and demanding as his tongue pushes past my willing lips. If any vamps come by, I'm thinkin' they'll break out the popcorn instead of the fangs. I thrust my own tongue past his parted lips, sliding it over his and massaging it roughly with the power and intensity that only us superbeings can share. I almost wonder if this is what it'd be like with B... or if she's still so vanilla that even super strength doesn't make her any less sappy. This kid though, while he looks like a wimp, he's got suction like a fuckin' hoover and the teenage hormones always got him up and ready for a little action.

He captures my lower lips between his teeth and bites down. I taste copper and groan. God, I love it when it's rough like this. I've got his upper lip and do some nibbling of my own, more coppery taste filling my mouth and the sounds of his slight surprised whimpering invading my ears. His hands release my wrists only to grab me roughly around my waist, his fingers digging into my hip bones as he presses my body to his. Damn, he's already hard as rock and straining against the material of his baggy jeans to press against the crotch of my skin tight ones.

I bring my hands up to his chest, eager to feel the plains of that slender yet hard form. He's the perfect predator at times, so lithe and light on his feet. I make fun of him for bein' so goddamned scrawny, but it suits him just fine in battle. Feels nice to the touch too, the way his muscles endowed with more strength than the naked eye would predict ripple under my fingertips is more of a turn on than the beefcakes I've fucked in the past. Unable to resist the urge, I make a grab at his T shirt collar and rip it straight down the middle, the fabric easily turning to shred beneath the strength of my fingertips.

"Hey, I liked that shirt!" he protests weakly but shuts up quickly when I take advantage of my mouth being freed to latch it around one of his nipples.

The hands around my waist travel upwards as I flick my tongue over his smooth flesh. Another perk to screwing the boy wonder -- no chest hair. I can't even begin to tell you what a drag it is to come away with a hairball because of some hairy jerk. His skin tastes sweet, the scent of lingering cologne C bought him once fills my senses and I can taste the saltiness of sweat beginning to form as our bodies grow hotter from the little contact we've had so far.

His hands are cool against my heated skin, the night air having chilled them enough to feel like ice cubes trailing over my abdomen and up my ribcage and finally sneaking their way beneath the satiny material of my bra. I'm so caught up in my own onslaught of of his body that I only know my own clothes are ripped off when I hear the sound of seems ripping and underwire snapping. What did I tell you about this kid? Boy's just as rough as I am. Maybe that's why I get such a kick out of doin' the ditty with him.

I shiver when his hands encircle my breasts, the contrast of cold and hot being dangerously erotic to someone already turned on from just fucking kissing. The lack of slay tonight making it way too easy for me to get worked fast in my other favorite nighttime activity. I continue to move my mouth over his body, stopping at the pulse point of his neck to leave my mark. My lips take his skin, bringing it into the warm recession of my mouth as I begin to suck on him roughly, my teeth clamping down on more than one occasion just for the sake of eliciting a whimper from tough stuff here. He matches my bites with pinches to my quickly hardening nipples. The pain and pleasure mixing until I can't really tell the difference anymore. He's gotten better at groping. Maybe the kid rented a few porns in his downtime. He is a teenage boy after all. I wouldn't put it past him.

My own hands travel down to his jeans, unzipping the fly with practiced ease and yanking them down his hips and to his knees. He stumbles a little and falls into me and we both crash onto the ground, his body crushing mine with his light weight and yet we don't stop in what we're doing. My mouth remains latched onto neck, the bruised flesh beneath my full lips ripe and tender after a wicked hard bite.

A few seconds later and all trace of his clothing are gone, the pants having been kicked off as soon as we fell and his boxers somehow disappearing in a fury of kicks I only remember because of his thigh pushing it's way between my legs and almost making me scream with desire when he ground it up into me.

"Are you gonna take me or what?" I ask impatiently once I've finally had enough of his neck. I gotta smirk at the nasty looking mark I left. Kid's gonna have a lot of explaining to do about that massive hickey when we get back to the Hyperion.

"Maybe I should make you beg," he says, a smirk of his own coming into play.

"I don't know if I should smack you or humor you," I retort. Me... beg? Who does this kid think he is? No one's ever made me beg before. "But I'll take that as a challenge. Give it your best shot. We'll make a bet. If I win, you're my slave for a week. And if you win... well, what do you want from me?"

"You could be my slave for a week, I guess," he replies with a shrug. "Or you could teach me what that strange man has been teaching you."

"You want a sword lesson?" I can't help it, I burst out laughing. So that's what he's been pissed about? He's mad because the slayer gets to play with the pretty sword and he doesn't? If he was feeling left out, he should've just said something. I'm not a mind reader, you know? Kid's gotta speak up if he's got a beef with something. "If I'm your slave, you could just demand I teach you what I know."

He seems to dig the concept so he nods at me in agreement. "Okay."

Fucking, as usualCollapse )

He gets me and not only quickens his pace, but brings his thumb down to my clit, pressing it hard and sending a thunderous applaud of pleasure through my body as I finally pop, my body arching up one last time to meet him just as he cries out in pleasure himself. He throbs inside me and I bite down on his shoulder to keep me from screaming loud enough to wake the owner of the grave we're fucking over. He does scream as he comes, the bite sending him toppling over the edge of sanity until we're both lying in a breathless heap of sweat slicked flesh.

"I win," he whispers in my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine as I recover from that terrific orgasm.

I turn around, throwing a slender leg over his waist and rolling my eyes at him again. "You're such a jerk."

"I learned from the best," he replies smugly, sounding more and more like a typical guy by the second.

"Who would that be... Angel?"

"Nope," he shakes his head, a look of mild disgust clouding over his features for a tick. "From you."

And Angel says I'm a good influence on the kid. I just smile, amused more than pissed that he actually learned my tricks and used them on me. "Connor, you got it all wrong, I'm not a jerk... I'm a *bitch*."

"Well now you're *my* bitch," he smirks again, leaning forward to place a quick kiss on my lips. It doesn't go one for more than ten seconds but it's still searing. If bein' his bitch means I get sex, I might lose on purpose more often. When he pulls away, he grabs my hand to pull me up with him. I don't object. "Let's go home. I don't want to fight vampires naked."

"Good plan," I laugh in agreement, scanning the area for my shredded top. "Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I fought a busload of vamps in the nude?"

He shakes his head in the negative so I continue on with my slayer tale. "Well, it all started in one of the hottest summers South Boston had ever seen..."

Love The LA Gang

[13 May 2004|12:38pm]

As I stood in the corner watching Faith stab her imaginary opponent with her sword I kept thinking about how unfair it was. Why did she get the sword? Why does she get to slay the beast? Yes, she is the Slayer, but I'm the Destroyer. It's not like she's the only capable one. They could've given me a sword or trained me too.

Faith turned and pointed her sword at me. ``Wanna have a go at it?`` she smirked.

``No.`` I said crossing my arms.

``Maybe I wasn't talking about the sword,`` she said walking towards me.

I began to make me way towards the door. I didn't even know why I bothered watching her train anyways.

``Oh c'mon, stop brooding,`` she said thrusting the sword into the wall to block my path to the door. ``Gets me all hot and bothered when you're pouty like that.``

I glared at her and waited for her to remove the sword from the wall. She never did.

``Is this about Cordy?``

I shook my head no.

``The electric bitch?``

``She's not a bitch, and no, it's not.`` I replied.

She slammed me against the wall and looked me in the eyes. ``I think you're lying.`` Then she pressed her lips against mine hard and for a moment I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if she was with Cordy... though I wasn't sure if Cordy was with Groo. And she just made me so mad. And confused. Then I pushed her back and ripped the sword out of the wall and pointed it at her. She looked confused and angry until Wes walked through the door.

``Oh, I didn't know you were training Connor,`` he said adjusting his glasses.

``Yeah, we were just finishing up actually,`` Faith replied.

``Alright then. Next time let me know when you train so I can sit in. I'd like to see how you've progressed.``

``Sure thing,`` she nodded before leaving the room. I hung the sword up on the wall where it goes and followed shortly after.

I followed Faith as she went up the stairs and down the hall to my room. She opened the door and turned and stopped in the doorway. When I got to the door I looked over her shoulder and saw Andrew cleaning up my room.

``Looks like we've got company,`` Faith smirked.

``Hey... oh, I was just... uh, organizing your stakes and stuff,`` Andrew said uncomfortably. ``And I thought that maybe Connor would want to maybe play some video games or something when he was done... doing, whatever he was doing. What were you guys doing?``

``Nothing,`` I said pushing my way into my room. ``Maybe we could play your games later.``

Andrew looked down and nodded.

``No, it's okay. We'll continue training later when the sun goes down. You. Me. The cemetery maybe. How's that sound?`` Faith suggested.

I starred at her for a moment and then nodded. ``I guess so.`` Then I turned to Andrew. ``So what's a video game?``
Love The LA Gang

Training Fun [09 May 2004|06:00am]

[ mood | pleased ]

We're face to face, the tension in the air mounting as we dance around each other, neither of us blinking or breathing. Our battles grow with the intensity every time we face off. Gotta admit, at first I was big on the skeptical. I mean, I'm a slayer, why learn technique when I've always gone with my gut instinct? Quasi here got some righteous hits off of me in our first days of one-on-one slayer/watcher action. I chalked it up to swordplay just not being my thing. I'm a street-fighter, you know? Ancient regimen just wasn't up my slayin' alley.

But after about a week, I started getting the hang of it. The dude hooked me up with all sorts of meditation techniques to get me concentrating better that even made Mr. Tai Chi himself go a little batty. Angel soon joined me in gettin' in on the ancient samurai action. The three of us are a thing of beauty when we get in our stances and start going through the motions. I know it sounds like, wicked retarded or something, but I'm actually digging this inner peace thing. I've been learning a lot about harnessing my power and anticipating my opponent's moves.

Man, I hate to say it, but I'm a better slayer than I was a month ago. Tested out some of my newfound knowledge on some run of the mill vamps and whoa! Let's just say these wannabe fierce vamp types didn't know what hit 'em. As much as I love a little playful banter, there's a strange sense of satisfaction in knowing that I can take these guys out quicker and more efficient than I ever could before. It'll pay off in the big battles. I got a tendency to get caught up in the small and ending up too beat to do much in the big finale where I'm needed most.

So now here I am, facing off with the karate kid, with the big battle looming just over our shoulders. I'm finally allowed to play with my new toy now that I've been deemed worthy enough to carry it without slicing a finger or two off. We keep the blades covered up during swordplay, just as a precaution to keep us in top condition in case things get a little out of hand. Fuck, listen to me. Precaution? I really am spending too much time with these watcher types.

Watcher man finally makes his move when I'm standing around questioning my new watcher-tinged vocab. I'm quick enough to block, this being standard in the whole stand off gig. Our blades meet and we start our dance, our bodies moving with a grace and precision I haven't even seen B display. God, I'm good. I twist my body around and land a hit on Quasi's upper arm, grinning at my job well done.

"Touché," I badger him playfully, just to egg him on. "Someone's down an arm. You still in the game, Lefty?"

He pretends to look at what would be a stream of blood and possible limb loss if this were the real deal. "Just a nick. It's going to take more than that to get me surrendering, slayer."

He switches grips on his sword, going for the two hand instead of one. I'm still moving in a slow circle around him, my own sword in a two hand grip as I raise the blade up once more. He makes a swipe at my middle and I jump back, connecting my sword with his and smashing it to the ground. See? Concentration pays. I saw that move coming a mile away.

"Predictable much?" I snort as I look down at the blade on the ground. I jokingly stab him in the heart. I so kicked his ass this round in about three major moves. Am I ready to face this demon? Hell yea. "You know, you're lucky this is all play. You're game is weak, man."

He smiles at me with something that looks like pride in his eyes. "On the contrary, Faith, my game has not grown weak; yours has only surpassed mine within this past month. I'm quite proud of the progress you've made in such a short time. You are a true samurai now. Many a man would be envious at what you've accomplished."

I chuckle some at his words, blowing off the deeper meaning. It's funny, I've always wanted for people to see me as something great. But now that they do? It just wigs me out when they get all... I dunno, pleased about me and start spoutin' this complimentary bullshit. Guess I got so used to the insults that I forgot how to take a compliment.

"So where's my costume?" I snort out, diverting the attention away from my mad samurai skills. We both know I'm only a fast learner 'cause of the slayer thing. "Don't I get some special garb and war paint?"

"Well, if that's what your heart desires, I could arrange for some classic attire sent your way."

"As tempting as that sounds, I think I'll stick with my usual threads."

I wink at the guy as I start to close up shop out here in the yard. Quasi says it's better to work out in nature so the basement's been out for work out purposes. We do our thing in the courtyard with an occasional audience member to cheer me on once I get in the groove of kicking his ass. Now that I've got a handle on this sitch, I almost always wipe the floor with the guy. Now if only our demon buddy is as easy. I got a feeling that's when the real test comes. All this other stuff is nothing but easy quizzes to keep me on my toes until the big day arrives.

I just hope I'm ready for this. Kicking watcher ass is one thing... demon's tend to be a little tougher than your average male with a hard-on for dusty books.

"Same time, same place, tomorrow?" I question once I've got my hair let down and my sword packed up safe. We've got a routine that I've actually come to dig. I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I'll actually miss this guy when he goes back to Japan.

He nods in reply, his own stuff packed up and ready to be brought back into the Hyperion. "I see you've finally taken to adhering to a strict schedule."

"Took some getting used to, but yea, I can be punctual when I got good reason to be," I shrug in reply. Can't say I didn't fight the schedule thing at first. It seriously bit into my sleeping hours and let's just say I wasn't exactly jumping for joy over having to rise at the crack of dawn like I did while serving time in the system. "Prison was good about getting me in the same place at the same time everyday. Not much room for recreation there."

"Ah, yes, but I hope you don't associate my teachings with prison. I do try to make them enjoyable."

Shit, I wasn't trying to insult him with that remark. "Well now that I finally got the hang of this thing, it's not so bad. I could use a little structure in my life. Keeps me grounded and on the right side of the fence, you know?"

"Very much so," he replies, really sounding like one of those old dudes that spout the big mysterious metaphors in movies. "Don't be afraid of that darkness, though. It could be key in defeating Dummesbumsen. The samurai knows both lightness and dark and that understanding is part of any man's training."

"Newsflash, Quasi," I speak up, my eyes flaring up in his direction. "I'm not scared of anything, especially not my darkness or whatever. I got a handle on that part of me."

"Good," He murmurs, his voice low and foreboding. Man, these guys always gotta be cryptic, don't they? "A samurai fears nothing... not even death itself."

Now that he's given me a patented fortune cookie saying, he turns his back on me and starts beating feet back to the hotel. I stare after him, a troubled expression on my face. What's that supposed to me? Does he actually want me to be okay with the idea that I could possible bite it in this mission if I don't play my cards right?

Well, screw that! I know I talk big about the dying young thing... part of the whole slayer package, you know? Big powers and an early death.... that's our maxim. I'm just not down with actually thinking about that every time I go into battle. I tend to go in more with an "I'm gonna kick your ass" attitude and less with a "this could be the last day of my life" one. And right now? I'm not digging Quasi's morbid outlook. I'll have to get on his case about that issue. I don't want a guy with a fucking death wish watching my back.

Love The LA Gang

[29 Apr 2004|02:23pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I heard their voices when I got home from patrolling with Gunn the other night.

I went to our room, where I told her I loved her.

Then I heard her laughing...then a moan I've come to know over the past couple years. It was her pleasure moan.

I was greatly disappointed when I heard Faith's voice after.

For weeks now I've pretended it wasn't true. That my princess snuck off to be with Faith, as Xander had done while on our trip.

I have been avoiding Cordelia for days now. Not able to look her in her eyes. I have been tossing the idea of leaving when we finish off the demon. It is clear I am not needed anymore.

As much as I want to be with Cordy and marry her, circumstances keep tearing it apart, along with our chances. I am going to discuss my decision with Angel, leaving out the small detail of what Cordelia and Faith have been doing.

He may already know, if I have smelled them all over each other...guessing he may have.

Love The LA Gang

Getting down to business [04 Apr 2004|05:05am]

[ mood | complacent ]

It's around nightfall, me and the former ice queen are kickin' it outdoors since it's a fairly decent night. A few stars are already twinkling, and not to get all romantic and fluffy here, but it's kinda nice out here in the moonlight. Never pinned myself as a nature girl, our little camping trip proved that, but I dig a nice day, or night in this case. I can appreciate stuff just like everybody else. After two years in the pen, even a smoggy day seems like some kind of paradise.

"You've got that look," Cor says out of the blue, her index finger reaching over to poke me. I could've caught it, but why bother? I give her a few freebies every now and then.

"Careful," I protest as I mock hold my ribs. "I'm wicked fragile, girlfriend. You don't wanna damage the already damaged goods further, do you?"

She rolls her eyes at me and shakes her head. "Fragile? As if, Faith." She pauses for a moment and then she gives me that accusatory look. Uh oh. "And don't change the subject on me. You looked deep in thought there, isn't that hurting your head?"

"Yea, you better get me some Advil," I deadpan back at her with a snort. "My head's aching something awful from all that thinking."

I do an eye roll of my own as I pull out a cigarette. Cordy gives me her patented `smoking is bad and will kill you` glare. I'm thinking I got slayer healing and if I can recover from massive brain damage and a knife to the gut, I can recover from a little lung damage.

"I was just thinking that it's nice to be outside and not have to worry about slaying or whatever. It's cool just being here -- just me and you -- with no outside distractions like Angel preaching about responsibility or Texas babbling about Science."

Cor stiffles a giggle and arches a brow at me. "I think you spoke too soon."

I'm about to ask her why when I hear a voice behind me. Oh shit, it's Angel. Can't I even finish a cigarette without being called to duty? Redemption is a major pain in my ass sometimes. "What do you want, Soul Boy?"

"Not to preach about responsibility," he states, sounding somewhat miffed at my litttle put down. Whatever. He knows I dig him. He's like my big brother of sorts. I can't really knock the guy. "But your watcher might want to. She has a small Asian man in the lobby and has requested your presence."

I groan some, stubbing my cig out on the fountain. Both of them send me disapproving looks and I just shrug casually in return. I gotta get my kicks in somehow, you know? It's hard being a full time role model. Not that I got anyone who looks up at me, but you get what I mean, yea?

"Great," I murmur out with the least bit of enthusiasm possible. "Watchers: The Kung Fu Chapter. Can't wait to meet Quasimodo."

"Hasimoto," Angel corrects me.

I shrug again and shoot him a snarky look. He should know by now that I screw up names on purpose. It must be a slayer thing. B has her Kissing Toast and I have my Dumbass demon and Quasimodo watcher dude. It all works out. Angel just needs to seriously chill and realize it's all in good fun.

We make our way back into the hotel, our night alone cut short in some big ways. It's cool though, 'cause we've been having a lot of alone time, if you know what I mean. We got all the bases covered and ran it home nearly every night of the week. Never thought C could be such an animal in the sack. Turns out? Girl's got it going on. She turns it all on for me... even the kinks. Here I had her pegged as a total vanilla girl like Buffy. For once I'm gonna say it's good to be wrong about people.

Once we get to the home base, I find myself wrong again. See, when Suzie Q said she was bringing some Asian council dude over here, I thought I'd find some scrawny guy in a business suit with glasses and some tweed. It's protocol, you know? Watchers equal tweed until they grow a backbone. They don't usually get one of those until their slayers either repeatedly die or go rogue on their ass. Me and B, we broke the mold for slayers and watchers the world over.

So when I suddenly find myself in a room with a well muscled looks more like he belongs in Kill Bill type of dude, I can't help but gawk. My nickname doesn't seem so fitting anymore. Damn. I was so looking forward to using it too. Pissing off people is my forte, you know? I rock that insult train like no other. Now I was just speechless. Put that in the record book boys, this has gotta be a first.

"Faith," Suzie Q exclaims with a hint of bridled enthusiasm. "There you are! I've been looking all over for you."

"Obviously not in the right places 'cause I was just out back with C," I reply good naturedly, still checking out this Hasimoto character. At least I knew he could fight if it came down to it. We were gonna need all the warrior types we could get. You think this guy has samurai training? That'd be too cool. "So what's up? Is this our guy?"

She nods in response. "Faith, I'd like you to meet Atsumori Hasimoto. Atsumori, this is our slayer, Faith."

I grin some when she says our slayer. Ain't my watcher just the sweetest? She knows how much I dig it when I get the special treatment. I'm probably glowing with the happy right about now. It's a good look for me... when I'm not tryin' to look threatening and dangerous.

We shake hands and I make sure to put some extra `oomph` behind my squeeze. He matches me and lets out a lighthearted chuckle. "Well, it's nice to see slayers still come in small packages."

Small? I'll give him small!

"Hey!" I protest, losing the happy thing. "I'm not small. You wanna see small? Go to Sunnydale. Buffy puts a whole new twist on the definition of pint-sized."

Behind me I can hear Connor snicker. Yea, laugh away, boy wonder. If I'm small, he's a fucking rodent. Tiny and scrawny and in serious need of a haircut. Besides, I'm average height for a chick and I got a good build on me. So what if I ain't an Amazon in appearance.

"I didn't mean to insult you," he says honestly once he sees the fierce expression on my face. I was all ready for a throw down to prove to him just how not small I was. So I'm a little defensive still. Cope. "I know have power, great power. The only power we have against Dummesbumsen."

That's right, feed that ego, baby. It's one hungry beast. I'm grinning again... even if the idea of facing that thing after almost losing an arm to it wigs me out big time. I just need to be better prepared, that's all. Get some samurai sword lessons and it'll be another slay in the bag. Check another one off for Faith 'cause I'm on a roll. Hell yea!

The Hasimoto guy gets down to business next by picking up a duffel he's got at his feet. It's not really a duffel, but it looks like one, so I'm gonna go with it. It sounds better than unidentified bag, you know? He pulls out a sword that looks oddly like something I'd seen in the movies. I already know what it is before he unsheathes it. How did I know we were gonna end up having some type of sword play in this fight?

As soon as that baby's out in the open and shimmering in the light, I'm fucking gone. I'm staring at it, completely transfixed with the wicked blade on it. I know it's sharp just by looking at it. This isn't something you give the kiddies to practice with. Hell, I wouldn't even give to an adult. This is a slayer's weapon.

"Wow," I mutter and I can tell my sentiment is echoed by the rest of the Fang Gang here. Not to get all Shakepearse here, but it's beautiful. You know, in that sharp weapon sort of way. What can I say? I'm in awe.

"This is what you'll need to defeat Dummesbumsen," he explains, waving the sword about in front of him and slicing it through an invisible opponent. I'm gonna need a drool bucket here in a second. "It was forged hundreds of years ago, no one is exactly sure when, just that it has withstood the strain of time and remains the most powerful sword in all of Japan. It was once carried by the slayer of the land Maiko. She defeated Dummesbumsen and sent him into his dormant rest and now that he has awakened, only the slayer can bring him to an end."

"Cool," I whistle appreciatively at his story. "So that means I get to handle the sword."

"In time," he replied. I frown, my disappointment obvious. "First you must learn how to wield it. This isn't anything like the European way to brandish a sword as I am sure your watchers have taught you."

I bite my lip a little. Taught? My way of handling swords was pick it up and start stabbing. Nobody had really bothered to give me any lessons in technique. I just did whatever got the job done.

"Let me guess," I drawl out, a smirk firmly planted on my lips. "You're gonna give me a lesson in the way of the samurai?"

"Lessons," the guy says in a firm authoritative tone and even though he ain't British sounding, he actually does sound like a pansy assed watcher now. He's got the same stick up his ass the rest do. All work and no play. "It's a very ancient art, one I'm sure you'll pick up quickly, but without proper instruction, you might as well go after him with a stake."

Been there, tried that. Failed miserably. Not looking to be in that boat again. I sigh in defeat and decide to give this guy a try. I want this demon dead. I ain't gonna be able to sleep easy until I know he's out of my hair. "Fine, I'll do it. I want this thing dead and if I gotta be your willing student to do it, count me in."

I wonder briefly if all of Angel's meditation and Tai Chi stuff will help me win this battle. I know he does it with me to keep me centered and to help me find a sort of inner peace inside myself, but who knows, maybe some of it will come in handy with this stuff. It could happen.

Love The LA Gang

The Superhero Times [28 Mar 2004|01:27am]

[ mood | good ]

Everything around here is kinda boring. The big monsters haven't tried to fight the superheros. That doesn't mean that they don't make a mess or eat a lot, though.

Doing the housework for them takes up most of my time. Though I do wish that I could go out and fight or something. I decided that maybe I should work out or something, and then they would feel better about letting me fight with them.

So I went to the superheros' training room to try to work out. I had seen Conner do various exercises there, so I knew what to do. I tried to lift some weight. Tried to do some push ups. But the weights were sooooooo heavy! And push-ups are a lot of work! I guess I'd better stick to magic.

I've been studying a lot about magics and stuff. If I become a powerful witch, I could help the superheros fight evil. That would be really cool. So I study. I've been doing basic spells and stuff. I'm not a powerful guy, but I'll get there soon enough.

I thought about slipping Conner some kind of a potion, and make him wanna hang out with me. But that's against the rules of the Rede. And we witches are supposed to go by the Rede. That sucks, though. Cause I really, really like Conner.

I'd try to go out fighting with him, but he'd sense me and get angry. And I don't want him angry at me. I want him to like me. So I fix his food the way he really likes it and clean his room and stuff. He smiles at me sometimes. He has an awesome smile. It lights up a room. Time goes by slowly when he smiles.

Xena is still a meanie. I offer to clean her room, but then she just snaps at me. And then when she gets in from patrolling, she yells at me to fix her food. She makes me cry. I don't know what I did to make her not like me. She does enjoy my pasta, though.

Hercules broods a lot. He looks really nice when he's sitting in a dark room and doing the tall, dark and brooding thing. He doesn't talk a whole lot. I rarely see him smile, too. But he's ok. He's not as mean to me as Xena is.

Cordelia and Xena have been awfully close lately. I wonder if they're seeing each other? If so, then good for them. Maybe Cordelia will make Xena less mean. I don't wanna see them making out or anything, though. That'd just be icky. They're beautiful women, but something about the thought of them being couple-y is gross.

Well, that's all for now. I will see you again, Fair Journal.

Love The LA Gang

Let's get it on [04 Mar 2004|06:37am]

[ mood | horny ]

A few hours after breakfast has me and C back in my digs, me standing at the window chain-smoking and her sitting on my bed fiddling with the unmade blankets. Way I see it, bed's are for sleeping, not looking pretty, so why make 'em? Besides, I'm an adult, I don't got some parent on my back telling me I gotta keep my room spic-and-span. C's the only one who ever says anything about my less than tidy habits.

And the little dorky kid's offered to clean up after me but I'm digging my messy lifestyle. Not to mention, I hate it when people touch my stuff. Okay, so I've got some sharing issues, big deal. Prison makes you wicked possessive of the things you got. Turn your back and your carton of smokes or snuck in bar of chocolate could be gone. Those bitches are thieves and damn proud of it.

Man, I wonder what the system thinks of all of that. You bust someone for hijacking a car so you imprison her. Then you find out she's jacking other prisoner's shit. Now I don't peg Raggedy Andy as one to steal, but I've got a serious case of paranoia sometimes. Even the sunniest of people make me a little antsy when they start looking through my stuff.

Oh yea, the Wes man did something good for a change and hooked us up with some spell to mask Gwen's presence here. I'm still wary, since I'm not big on the mojo, but I'm not making with the Mexican jumping bean routine every time I hear a noise outside, so all is good on the homefront. And if dumbass demon still pays us a visit? I know all the exits and I'm getting the Hell out of dodge and taking a paid vacation to somewhere far away from here. I deserve a break, you know?

"So what do you think?" I ask finally as I take a drag of my cig, the buzz of the nicotine swimming in my system. "Does the electric chick's story fly with you? I'm finding it a little farfetched but I figure she'd know better than to lie to a slayer already Hell bent on kicking her ass, so I'll go out a limb here and say I believe her."

C looks up at me, her nose crinkling when I blow out some smoke. "I think that smoking is a disgusting habit and that I feel like kissing you, but I don't like the taste of ashtrays." She hops off the bed and makes her way over to me. Is Cor tryin' to seduce me or something? 'Cause it's working. Fast. I can't keep my eyes off the way she's swaying her hips. She stops short beside me and plucks the cigarette from my mouth. "As for Gwen, I believe her too. I just hope Wes's magick is as good as Houdini's."

"Are you gonna smoke that?" I laugh, amused by the sight of Cordelia fucking Chase with a cigarette. "Because if you're not, you can put it right back where you found it."

I pout and point to my mouth, working those puppy dog eyes like I work everything else. Over the top and perfected to boot. I've got every act in the book down pat. She just smirks at me though, totally ignoring the look I'm giving her and tossing it out the window.

"Hey!" I shout, practically jumping out of the window after it. "That was my last one!"

With her hands on the curves of her hips and a smirk on her lips, she turns back to me, an aggressive look in her eyes when her hand shoots out to grab my wrist and pull me to her. "I told you, I don't like kissing ashtrays, Faith."

"That's not what you said last night," I mutter and two seconds later our lips are now touching, my tongue sliding into her mouth as I wrap my arms around her waist, pulling the cheerleader's body close to mine. She ain't complaining about ashtrays now. Her hands wrap around my neck, her fingers tangling themselves in my hair as we lose ourselves in this kick-ass kiss.

We pull away, breathless and with big smiles. "Taste good?"

"Always," she grins, her fingers trailing down from neck. I'm thinking C told me a little white lie when she claimed my smoky breath grossed her out.

Now I'm not one to look the gift horse in the mouth, but I just gotta make sure this is cool before I take the plunge. I want her. That ain't new news. I've had a thing for her since I moved into this joint and now that she's giving it freely? I'm more than happy to take this. But she's also my friend and I'm not gonna treat her like another one off. She's the real deal in my book, someone I know I can't take advantage of.

"If we keep this up, I'm gonna have you naked on your back in ten seconds flat."

Yea, that is my version of showing concern for her in case she can't walk her big talk. I could be a little more tactful, but where the fun in that, man? I plan on rocking her world tonight and you don't get there by kind words and consideration. At least, not when you get bouncy with me. If some people like romance? Good for them. But me? I'm not about to whisper sweet nothings in someone's ear. Pillow talk, yea, I can do. But don't ask me to recite Shakespeare.

She purrs slightly at my question, her eyes burning with the same intensity I'm sure mine are. "Is that a promise?"

"If you want it to be," I reply with about as much casualness I can muster. My hormones are raging and I got the lowdown tickle going on in full force down in those lower regions. Just say the words, babe, and I'm gonna fuckin' rock your world. I know more about sex than her intergalactic former fiancé .

I step forward once more, pulling her back to me and sealing the deal with the kind of kiss that can only be described as breathtaking. Me with her lower lip and her with my upper, our mouths devouring each other as if we can't get enough. She tasted sweet in my mouth, her lip gloss spreading onto my lips the harder we pressed against one another. My hand moves up to her breast now, resting on the fullness I knew I'd find there. Cordy's even got a bigger rack than I do, and in the land of flat chested skinny girls that the 'dale seems to be populated with, it's a welcome surprise. I love a chick with a good pair.

She pulls away from me; I'm wicked alarmed at this but then she gives me a smile and I know we're five by fuckin' five. Her hands move up to her blouse, one that's most likely designer and worth a fortune. She looks up at me as she starts to unbutton and says, "What does it look like I want?"

That's it... now that I got the word, I'm back on predatory mode, slinking over to her and pushing her hands away from her top. "Let me, princess," I purr, kind of poking fun of good old Groo with the princess reference. So, I'm a bitch. Cope.

I rip her shirt open, the buttons popping off and adding to the mess on my floor. Thing is, she don't even look pissed that I just ruined her top; instead she just giggles and urges me on further. She grabs my hand and leads me over to the bed. Like I said, I'm in want, take, have mode so I push her down onto the sheets, climbing on top of her to straddle her waist. I settle down on her body, knowing she can probably feel how turned on I am already judgin' by the heat coming from my center.

Her eyes are large, vulnerable, and filled with lust as I bring my mouth down to the soft hollow of her neck. I can smell her expensive perfume as I neck her, my tongue flickering over soft tanned skin as I work my way towards hickey territory. It's intoxicating and only urges me on further, the smell encompassing me in some sort of automatic daze where all I wanna do is please this woman. She's gonna have to wear a turtleneck by the time I'm done with her.

My body grinds above hers, my mouth never leaving her neck as I suckle on it roughly, teeth nipping every once and a while. I'm best fucking hickey giver out there. My mouth continues to work the magic I know it's capable of. What can I say? My oral skills are hardcore. She's already moaning beneath me and reaching for the zipper of my jeans. My tongue just keeps on flickin' even as she pulls my pants down over my hips and slips her hand inside them, massaging my sex through the black lace babies I got on today. I rub myself against her urgently, wanting the maximum amount of stroke action I can get.

She don't know how bad I've been wanting this. Man, ever since we started hangin' nonstop, I've had a serious craving for some prom queen action

Fucking. Insert Porn Music Here.Collapse )

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[02 Mar 2004|11:33pm]

A soft knock was offered to the door of Gwen's room, when she received a quiet response.. though inaudible, she slowly opened the door and lifted up the cup of warm tea, almost like a white flag. Her smile became more friendly as she slipped into the room. She slowly walked over to Gwen, offering her the tea as she pulled a chair over. She hadn't gotten much chance to talk to her.. and with Faith, being so blunt.. and Cordelia following in close second, she thought it would be good to show her they all weren't so harsh.

"Sorry everyone's been pestering you.. Oh, I hope I'm not. I just wanted to say hello, and that.. well. I'm here if you need to talk, about anything.. or if you need anything."

She tried to keep her expression from showing the strain she felt. She didn't want to smother Gwen, but she wanted her to know that she was here. And that she was indeed working hard on her case, looking through books and calling her contacts to find out what she could on the gold statue and the demon that Gwen had unleashed. But most of all, she wanted her to know that she didn't blame her for what had happened at all.

"We're doing all we can. I've been on the phone with people for the past two hours as well as reading texts. I never knew I was so good at multitasking."

She laughed softly, shifting in the chair and reaching up to tuck some strands of light brown behind her ear. Doing this, helping Gwen.. it gave her a distraction, a way to take her mind off of all the dark thoughts she had been plagued by since she.. well, had become human again. It gave her something meaningful to do. As much as she loved Angel, she didn't see how he could brood so much. She wanted to rip her hair out after an hour of it.

"We're here.. you know. For you. We're here to help you, because we want to help you. You seem like a good person Gwen, and if Wes likes you.. that's more brownie points to add on. I just.. thought maybe, if you needed someone to talk to, it doesn't even have to be about this whole accidental mess.. I could be her. I'm not to interesting, but I'm sure I could manage to divert your mind for a little bit."

Another friendly smile formed on her soft pink lips. What else could she say? Not much. Gwen did seem very nice, and smart as well. Maybe they could be friends..
Love The LA Gang

[29 Feb 2004|11:30pm]

[ mood | scared ]

I have to write this all down. I have to get this out in case this thing, whatever it is, finally catches up with me, and I become just another one of its victims, gone in a lightning flash. Quicker than a lightning flash, because those can't save me. I've tried. And I am not a victim.

My name is Gwen Raiden. I'm a theif. Normally it would not be good protocol for any thief to tell you their name, but I'm not so sure I'll be worrying about this business much longer.

Currently I am shut up in a room at Angel's hotel, and this stalwart band of self-styled heroes is guarding me or jailing me or both. I haven't talked. I'm afraid to. The boy, Angel's son, comes every other hour with food or bandages, or with nothing but hawk-eyed looks of pity and yet mistrust.

I wish he had been here when the women came. Cordelia Chase, followed closely by the other one. Faith. In another dimension, she and I would almost be alike. But even being a theif has its rules. And Faith, she doesn't have rules.

"Look," she says. "I know Connor and Wes and Angel have been giving you pity slack and not making you open that pouty red mouth of yours and spill, and I'm sure it makes you feel like a princess around here, but it's high time you started talking."

"I don't feel like a princess." I rasped. It was as if I hadn't heard my own voice in days. Actually I hadn't.

"It's that demon isn't it?" said Cordelia. I expected sarcasm from her, defensiveness, but there was none. I think she saw something in my face that changed her tone. "It got to you. The wind . . . you felt this thing."

Faith leaned over the bedpost. "And you know why it's here."

Accidents. I'm thinking of catastrophes and fate.

And I'm telling them the story I tell you.Collapse )

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A new begining...for once. [29 Jan 2004|04:53pm]

[ mood | calm ]

So I try to fuck Faith last night and only a few hours later I punch her right in the jaw. Smooth. Though I can safely blame it on a vision, though it wasn't normal. I didn't have mind blowing pain, it just interrupted my dream and I woke up feeling like I was dying, but other then that...no pain.

Faith and I went downstairs to try and warn everyone, but do you think they listened? Of course not. Once again we're labeled paranoid and brushed off. Fine, but don't blame me when you're fried and I'm getting my nails done, sipping on a pina colada. Anyway.

Faith and I made our escape to a diner a couple blocks away and gorged on breakfast. I was eating up a storm which wasn't natural.

"Hungry C?" She grinned at me and I gave her a playful glare.

"How could ya tell?"

"Lucky guess."

I took a sip of my coffee and looked around, "You know, most of the people here don't know what goes bump in the night and it really irks me. Here we are, working our asses off day in and day out and we get nothing for it while they live their perfect lives. And get to afford the newest prada!" I exclaimed pointing at a woman's shoes. It just wasn't fair.

I could hear Faith's low chuckle and felt myself smile, I loved to hear her laugh. I gazed out the window for a moment until she interrupted my thoughts, "Miss Groo?"

I looked over at her, a puzzled look on my face, "What?"

She pointed to my left hand and I looked down. I'd be unconsiouly playing with my engagement ring as I was thinking. Staring at it for a moment, I shook my head, "No...I don't. Come to think of it I haven't even seen him in days. Personally I think he's found greener pastures, which I'm actually thinking is okay with me. My biological clock is ticking and not to mention, I'm never going to be able to get married. Not with the life I'm leading now and not with someone I don't really love as much as I wanted to. My heart's just not in this anymore." I slipped the ring off my finger and stared at it. Faith remained quiet as the waitress brought the bill and she slipped a twenty onto the table, getting up.

I looked up at her and realized how much I admired and loved her, for the first time. I knew it when we switched bodies and the spell before that. I just didn't want to accept it because I felt I had a duty to Groo. I sighed and dropped the ring into my glass of ice water, thinking of it as a present for the pregnant waitress who looked like she needed something to brighten her day.

"Ready, C?"

I stood up and wrapped my arm around Faith's waist, surprising both her and myself, "More then you know."

We walked out and I refused to look back. Groo is gone and he's not coming back to me and I think I like it that way, "So you think they're dead or just unconsious?"

"With our luck, neither. We'll just walk back in and they'll rub it in our faces, saying we're paranoid."

"I'm thinking we should check out Electo-girl ourselves. I don't trust any of their judgement, especially Connor's at this point."

Faith slid into the driver's seat as I shut my door and she nodded, I could tell she didn't trust them anymore then I did at this point.

Love The LA Gang

I Went Out With A Superhero!! [28 Feb 2004|02:18am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, ok, that title was kinda awkward. Anyway, one day, things were kinda boring at the lair. Xena...I mean Faith and Cordelia went out somewhere. So there was no one to make fun of my sexual orientation. Conner was out with Wes again. I hate it when he goes out all the time. I miss him. He's so beautiful, and he saves people. And he has wonderful eyes and lips.

So, I was hanging around the hotel when Hercules...I mean Angel said that he was going out to fight. And, it took a bit of convincing, but he let me go out with him! And he walked some, and we talked, and the all of a sudden, a vamp tackled me! It was out of nowhere! And so I was scared, but Hercules saved my life!!

I got a chance to hug him quickly. He felt so good. He was all hard and stuff...ok, that didn't come out right. I mean, he was really muscular and beautiful. Not as beautiful as Conner, though. I know that Angel is Conner's dad. Conner doesn't look much like him. Conner has the muscles, though. And Conner saves the world!

I wish I could spend more time with Conner. I mean, he's so cool and everything. I could wow him with my knowlege of science and comic books and superheros! And, I love to look at him. He has wonderful eyes. He's like a work of art. And then the way he eats- it's really cute! He kinda has this mysterious aura about him. He's got this "angry kid" look and stuff. And he doesn't talk a whole lot about himself and stuff. I would like to get to know him.

Maybe someday.

Love The LA Gang

[27 Feb 2004|11:54pm]

She watched as the steaming water poured into the cup, turning a soft brown instantly as it hit the tea bag. After pouring the amount she wanted, she sat the kettle back onto the heater in the lab, grasping a spoon and using it to stir the bag before easily discarding it into a trashcan. She was the only one in the lab.. it had always been her haven, but now it had come to the point were she was either in her lab, or in her room. She hated seeing her friends and the pity in their eyes. She hated the whole damn situation.

A soft sigh pushed past her lips as she glanced around, pressing her lips together. It was so quiet.. she didn't like it. It gave her mind the freedom to wonder, and it always wondered back to the memories.. the thoughts of what she had done, of what she might have done had the Powers That Be not stepped in. She cringed at the thought before pushing it aside, focusing on blowing cool air over the surface of the tea in her mug before bringing it to her lips to take a sip. The warm liquid felt good going down her throat. She slowly sat the cup down, leaning over to rest her elbows on the counter before her, and her face in her hand, her eyes squeezing shut.

How did Angel deal with it? How did he go on, day by day, knowing what had happened? And his pain must be twice that of hers. She swallowed hard.. she wasn't sure if she could take this. Seeing the faces, hearing the screams. She took in a shakey breath, opening her eyes.. and a scream errupted from her throat. She realized who it was halfway through the shreik and cut it off, coughing softly as she gripped the edge of the counter.

"A..Angel.. wow.. okay, what have I told you about the whole sneaky thing? Heart attack inducer."

She laughed softly, relaxing as she offered a timid smile. She didn't mind Angel being here.. He made her feel comfortable. He accepted her for who she was, and he forgave her for what she had done. Yet most of all, be understood. When he said he knew what she was going through, it was the truth, not just some lame way of trying to make her feel better. And when he looked at her, she saw no judgement. She motioned to her mug with a small shrug of her shoulders.

"I just thought I'd have some tea... in the lab."

In realising how lame that sounded, as well as nerdy, she blushed and glanced down to brush her fingers along the handle, in need of a slight distraction. He made her comfortable.. but uncomfortable at the same time. Conflicting feelings she didn't often have.. and not around Angel, at least not until recently. The dancing.. that nice.. that almost. She wouldn't think about it, it would only make her blush deepen.. if it hadn't already.
Love The LA Gang

Visions of a bad future [23 Feb 2004|12:32am]

[ mood | angry ]

You know what's fun about having a chick crash in your bedroom? You get to wake her up in some creative ways. I figured that since the cheerleader didn't barf in the middle of the night, that she'd be kickin' it with us sober folks today. Now I know what you're thinking here. Creative ways equals feathers and sticking her hand in warm water, right? Wrong. When I wake people in creative ways, they wet themselves, but not in the way you're thinking. Live a little here, people.

So there I was, sitting on the edge of the bed with my hand up C's top, inching up towards that great rack of hers, when she bolts up in bed, lookin' like she's seen a ghost. Ends up clocking me one in the jaw with her flailing arms and I go flying backwards off the bed. Can we say ouch? Prom queen packs a good punch!

"Hey!" I protest, rubbing at my jaw. Fuck, she's lucky I'm a slayer or else that might leave a mark. "What was that for? I was just trying to get you up!"

She looks around, that wild look still shining in her eyes. Damn, stay away from me! I wasn't gunnin' for a beating this early in the morning. Her eyes finally land on me and she flinches some. "Faith?"

"That's my name," I snap at her. "Again I ask, what the fuck was that for?"

"Oh did I hit you?" she asks innocently. She finally seems to come to 'cause two seconds later she's off the bed and kneeling down beside me. "Oh my god, Faith, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

I just shrug. My pride's hurting more than my jaw. "I'll live."

"I had a vision," she explains as she attempts to grab at my jaw and take a look at it. "It was totally strange because I've never had one while I was asleep before. One minute I'm shopping at Macy's with a credit card that has no limit while some clerk feels me up and the next thing I know? Vision! God, Faith, I thought you were that demon!"

I push her hands away from me. Well, that explains the less than happy moment we shared. I guess I can deal if she thought I was that freaky Pikachu demon. "The dumbass one?"

"Yea, that dummybumsum thing that reminds me of the mummy guy from Thundercats. Did you ever watch that when you were little? Well anyways, he attacked the hotel There's a girl here... someone he wants and now that she's here, she's like a magnet drawing him in. He's going to find us if she stays."

"Shit," I mutter under my breath, her words running fuckin' marathons in my mind. "Connor brought home some chick the other night. I thought he was gettin' a quick lay but I guess he was telling me the truth when he said it wasn't..." I trail off, trying to mimic the kid. "...like that. You think she's the one?"

"If she can shoot electricity out of her hands, then yea, she's so the one. Where did Connor find this freak of nature?"

"Beats me," I shrug in return. That kid was still a mystery to me. I could screw the socks off him a million times and still not get what's goin' on in that androgynous lookin' head of his. "Just 'cause of I've screwed him doesn't mean I know much more about him than you do. I mean, you changed the kid's diapers. You'd think if anyone got him, it'd be you, Mommy."

Cordy just rolls her eyes at me in her typical fashion. "Ugh, don't remind me, Faith. I'd like to forget that I have a biological clock that occasionally starts to tick whenever a baby is around."

"I gotta get my kicks in somehow," I grin over at her, now fully recovered from that punch and ready to rumble in case dumbass demon shows his face today. "We better get downstairs and tell the guys about this. I'm all for harboring the helpless, but when it means I end up gettin' attacked, I'm suddenly feeling not so giving anymore. What do you say we tell Connor to take his girlfriend to the Hilton. Hell, I'll even pay for it!"

"I think I like that plan," she replies with a smile as we both hop to our feet.

When we get downstairs we find that the gang's all there. Soul Boy's actually readin' the paper, Fred's making the coffee, Wes is buried behind a pile of books with a mug of tea, and the kid just looks wicked uncomfortable and like he'd rather be back in that Hell dimension than spend a morning at home with this bunch of droops. I don't blame the kid; sometimes life at the Hyperion can be kinda bland.

"Good morning Faith," Wes says from behind his books. When Cor comes into view, he greets her too. "Cordelia."

"Wes," I nod in return. "We got some big news guys. C just had a nightmare slash vision type thing." I flash the kid a little angry look. "It involves your little girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend!" he sighs out in angry frustration. Touchy, touchy.

"Whatever," I shrug at him. "Tell us that when we're all dead because of her."

"Faith's right," Cor announces, backing me up. Hell yea! Double team by the smokin' brunettes. Who says blondes have more fun? "I saw that demon in my vision. He came for that girl... the one that's like a human lightning rod. I can't say for sure, but he demolished the place. Everyone was hurt badly. Some of you I couldn't see... I hope that didn't mean you were... dead. If she stays here, he'll come here and things will not be pretty."

"I assume you mean Gwen," Wes perks up from behind his books, taking a stand from his seat. Oh great, Wes is on the chick's side. "She did mention a demon following her from Japan but has yet to explain the circumstances around it. If the demon is tracking her perhaps we could perform a spell to keep him from finding her. A protection spell of sorts."

"Do whatever you have to do, Watcher man," I butt in, really not diggin' this idea at all. "But do it fast 'cause I'm not lookin' to become the next dead slayer. We still don't know how to fight this thing and if it attacks today? We're totally screwed here. Where is this bitch, anyway?"

Angel decides to enter the conversation now, putting down the paper and walking up to me to put his hands on my shoulders. Oh, I get it, he's on Wes's side and now he's gonna try to persuade me to be a good little slayer and deal with it 'cause I should wanna help people. "Calm down, Faith, nothing's happened yet. I'm sure Wes can do the spell and then we'll be fine. You're not going to die today."

I pull away from him angrily. Partner in redemption, my ass! "No, Angel, where is she? I want to see this bitch for myself. I want to see what's so damn important about her that means I gotta put my life on the line for her. Look, I'm all about fighting the good fight and helping and the helpless, but when it comes to my life or some chick's I don't even know? I'm sorry but I'm gonna choose mine."

"She's upstairs sleeping," Fred shyly offers up. I don't think the chick knows whose side to be on right now. I'm grateful for that bit of info though. "She was real beat up. She's recovering now."

"Oh so it's a pity thing," I laugh out bitterly. "You know what? I'm out of here. If dumbass demon comes around, I don't wanna be here for it. I'm wicked hungry. You wanna get some breakfast, C?"

Cordy grins and links her arm in mine. I love it when she gets touchy-feely with me. It's such a hoot. "I'd love to."

"If we come back and the place is gone, we'll know what happened."

Those were my last words before I led Cor out of the place. Funny how we're the only ones ever on the same page around here. I know I'm bein' a major brat about this whole thing, but when my stomach's growling and I got a fistful first thing in the morning, I'm not exactly in the best of moods. Let them deal with spells and helpin' this chick. For now, I'm all about gettin' some grub with my best bud.

Love The LA Gang

Hmm [23 Feb 2004|04:15am]

[ mood | predatory ]

Princess came back to play...

So much changed. So much not. So much that could be.

The one that had meat torn from his little bones thought that as well. It sounded like a pig. Such squealing is intoxicating. That and quite red.

Love The LA Gang

[20 Feb 2004|03:47am]

Wes and Connor were patroling, Cordy and Faith were out at a club, and who knows where everyone else was but the hotel was empty. It was almost too quiet for even me.

I thought I would go patrol by myself or maybe just go for a drive and as I was looking for my keys Andrew came up behind me.

"So... um... hey," he said sitting down on a stool at the counter.

"Have you seen my keys?" I asked searching through some drawers.

"Yeah. Faith took them."

"Oh god, not Faith."

"Is that bad?"

"Well, it's not good. Oh well, I guess I'll just patrol then."

"But isn't it like, not saf-fe out there or something?"

"It's never really safe, but if you're talking about Glory, she's dead so you can stop worrying."

He nodded and looked down. I grabbed my stake and headed for the door. I reached out for the handle and stopped and spun around.

"You're not coming with me."

"Why not?" Andrew pouted.

"Because... because you'll get killed. And I can't look after you."

"But... but. I'll never learn if I'm stuck inside this.. uh, hotel. And then you'll always have to protect me. What if there is a crisis?!! I just can't hide all the time."

I starred at him for a moment. "Fine. But you just watch. Don't do anything stupid."

He flung his arms around me. "Thank you so much Angel!"

"Uh... sure," I said pushing him back.

We began to walk down the street towards the nearest cemetary. It started off in silence and if I had my way, it would've stayed that way. I think silence makes Andrew uncomfortable so he began to ramble. I don't know about what but he was comparing most of us to comic book heros like the X-Men. This guy would probably get along great with Xander.

Suddenly a vamp jumped from out of nowhere and tackled Andrew. He squealed like a little girl and I ripped the vamp off him and threw him against a tree. He came at me swinging and I ducked and spun around kicking him in the back. He got up and ran at me again. I punched him in the face and he stumbled back a few steps and tripped over a rock. I ran over and staked him and turned to Andrew.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

He threw is arms around me again. "You saved my life. Again."

"You have to stop doing that," I said.

"Oh... rii-ight," he said backing off. "Sorry. I just. You know. Owe you a lot."

"It's okay. We should head back."

I began to head back towards the hotel with Andrew in tow. "So is Connor as strong as you?" he asked.

"No. He's not." I said looking straight ahead.

Next time he stays at the hotel with Fred. Or someone else who doesn't mind so much rambling.
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[20 Feb 2004|03:03am]

Opening the front door, I turned back around to see Wes helping Gwen up the steps. I put down my stake on the counter and went to the kitchen to get her an ice pack for her bruises. When I returned she was trying to tell Wes what happened with the demon but she was clearly too flustered to get her story straight. I handed her the ice pack.

"Thanks kid," she said half smiling.

"I'm not a k..." I tried to reply but Wes cut me off and gave me a weird look.

"Gwen, why don't you just rest and we'll talk about this in the morning. There's quite a few extra rooms upstairs. I'll show you to one."

Then Wes turned to me, "Could you grab some extra pillows and a blanket? I doubt any of the extra rooms are furnished with them."

I nodded and searched around for the things Gwen needed for her room. I gathered a few pillows and a blanket and walked them upstairs. When I got to the top of the stairs I saw Faith coming out of her room.

"Aw, those for me?" she smirked.

"No," I said. "Why would they be?"

"Oh, cause Cordy's crashing in my room and she is a fuckin' blanket hog."

"Fine," I said handing them over to her. "I'll just go get more."

I began to walk down to the lobby again to retrieve more blankets when Faith leaned over the railing.

"Hey, who were these for anyways?"

"Oh, just a girl," I shrugged.

"A girl? There's a girl up here?" she laughed. "Way to go Connor."

"It's not like that Faith," I said looking down.

"Hey, you don't gotta explain it to me but I bet your Dad might want to hear about it. Have a nice night man. I'm fuckin' beat," she smiled and turned to go back to her room.

I wasn't going to worry about it. I just wondered why Cordy was in her room. That was something that needed to be explained, but not really to me. More like to Groo.
Love The LA Gang

Dirty Dancing [05 Feb 2004|12:34am]

[ mood | horny ]

Her body grinds against mine, hip to hip, breast to breast, a perfect fucking match as the drooling onlookers stare at the two of us as we dance the night away. Patrol's been wicked boring as of late... did the vamps seriously decline in population or what? There ain't even any newbies to slay. All I know is that when things get quiet, it means only one thing.

Shit is definititely gonna happen.

But for now? We're totally in the clear here, so why waste our time freaking when we can be gettin' our freak on? Wes has been off playing Watcher to the kid, leaving me more than a little horny with a serious itch in need of scratching. Now I never thought Queen C would be the type to start scratching... but hey, who am I to stop the girl? Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the stress of our current sitch, but whatever it was, it had us on our fuckin' toes and we were the only ones around to be there for the other.

Looks like all the girls are trading in their dicks for another chick. Not like I'm not known for my coming on to basically anyone, but usually Cordy walks that line straight and narrow.

"Careful, girlfriend," I tease as I pull my lips from hers. "You got a fiance at home, remember?"

I move my hand up from her hip, moving it to her face as I brush sweaty strands of hair away from her face. She looks at me with dazed eyes. God, she is so fuckin' gone.

"You are so wasted, babe," I laugh, pulling away slightly.

Her hands clamps down on my wrist. I could easily pull away, but why bother at this point? "Don't."

I quirk a brow at her. She's gotta give me more than that. "Don't what?"

"Don't go," she rasps out, grinding her body against mine. Fuck, that felt good. "If I was meant to get married, wouldn't I have done it by now? Every time I even try to set a date something comes up. Something will always come up, Faith. There's never going to be a perfect time. So why bother?"

I just shrug. She's asking the wrong person here. "Look, Cor, I don't know what you're gettin' at here, but this is our job. There's never a good time for anything. It's why I take what I can get as fast as I can and leave the rest of the world in my dust. I got an expiration date on my sexy package; I gotta make the most out of my short life while I'm still breathing."

This time she's the one to push my hair away, her hand lingering there on my cheek. "You shouldn't talk like that, Faith. You've made it this far. You never know, you could live to be a wrinkly old lady stuck bowling in her granny style leather pants."

"Hey, I'm just bein' realistic here, C," I shrug again. "Never said I was happy with it, but such is the life of a slayer. It's not very full of the happy."

"But then who would I have to drag to the mall and try to dress in pink?"

"Connor?" I offer up with a laugh, just trying to lighten things up here a little.. "Boy does wear the androgynous well. Grow out his hair another few inches, put him in that dress, and he could make a pretty nice looking chick. Don't think the boy would like it, but we'd sure get a kick out of it, right?"

Girl cracks a wicked smile at that. I got a knack at making the prom queen laugh. "I don't think Angel would be very happy either."

"When is he happy?" I ask with a smirk on my lips. "Angel's the king of brood. I doubt there's anything we could do that could make him happy. And anyway, get him too happy and he's out a soul. So either way, it kind of sucks."

She gives me a dazed look, as if she's thinking real hard about something. "How come you're so coherent?"

"Years of practice," I laugh. "Not to mention, the slayer thing? Totally wipes the alcohol out of my system like that."

I snap my fingers for emphasis, grinning all the while. As much as I don't like hangovers, I kind of miss the days when I could get lost in that drunken oblivion. Now all I could get was a wicked buzz that went away within a couple of hours. Oh well, it beats the puking and the headaches.

"Lucky you," Cor sighs, bringing her hands up to her forehead. Looks like that after buzz headache was already startin' to hit. While the night was still young for me, it was pretty much the end of the line for her. Her body sags against mine. I reach out to steady her.

"You okay there, C?" I ask, concern flooding my voice for my best friend. "You're lookin' a little... green."

She sighs softly, her face nuzzling against my chest. Okay, that felt good too. She's gotta stop doing this to me. Get an already over-hyped slayer within the radius of a very hot female that's got her face buried in said slayer's cleavage, and you got one very horny slayer on your hands.

"It's the lights," she mumbles softly into my breasts, her warm breath trickling between them. My bod does the shudder thing in response and I hear myself let out a soft moan. "But I am getting tired. Maybe we should call it a night?"

"Do I get to tuck you in?" I joke, my fingers tangling in her long chestnut tresses as I take in her scent of sweet vanilla and expensive perfume.

Her face turns up to mine, big dopey smile planted on her mouth. "Even better, you get to come to bed with me."

It made sense. I mean, somebody had to hold back her hair when she was puking her guts out come tomorrow morning. Might as well be me. I'm a world class professional hair holder. Dates back to preschool when mom got her hangovers. I learned early on what alcohol could do to a person.

"Sounds like a blast and a half," I grin down at her.

I slide her arm over my shoulders to steady her into a more upright position so she can walk without my leg in her crotch. I end up driving the two of us home, Angel lent me his car. Okay, so we kind of hijacked it, but it was for a good cause, you know? He probably didn't even notice it missing. I'm seriously thinkin' that the hotel could burn down and as long as it didn't disturb his brooding, he wouldn't do so much as blink an eye. Guy's been lost in his own little world lately. Maybe I should go see him, see how things are hangin' with him and all that good stuff.

I bring C back to my room. I figure if she's hammered like a fuckin' nail, it's better that she spends the night with me and not somebody who'll pull out a bag of 20 questions about the where, when, who, and why of her current drunken state. She's out like a light the second she hits the bed, leaving me with the oh so fun task of undressing the chick and making sure she's tucked all nicely under the covers. Man, I hope she doesn't puke all over my bed. That'd be wicked sick.

I'm still wired from the night so I settle in my windowsill, just perched there to look out into the night while I finish off my last pack of smokes.

Love The LA Gang

Housekeeping for the Superheros [04 Feb 2004|05:27pm]

[ mood | busy ]

It's so exciting here. Even when there's a lull in activities, it's so awesome to live amongst the superheros who save the citizens of LA and the world and the universe!

I've been cooking and cleaning a lot lately. Cleaning mostly after Xena...I mean Faith. Sometimes when I'm walking around cleaning, she'll throw a piece of paper down and tell me that I've missed a spot. She's so mean.

I've been cooking, too. The superheros eat a LOT! Especially Conner and Faith. They can eat 4 and 5 plates of food at a time. Faith likes pasta a lot. With lots of cheese and tomato sauce. Conner likes things like hot dogs and steak and stuff. Angel drinks blood, but sometimes he'll take a bite or two of food to eat. I try to make his blood as good as possible. I put cinnamon, chili sauce, cheese, things like that in there. But not at the same time.

Conner is so beautiful. He's so fit and he saves people a lot. I love to watch him walk around and train and eat. Sometimes he sees me looking at him and he looks around wondering why I'm looking at him. Sometimes Faith sees me staring at Conner and she smirks at me. She's been calling me things like fag and gay boy. It makes me uncomfortable. I haven't thought about it enough to make a decision of whether or not I'm gay or not. I just like to look at cute guys. I've never had a boyfriend before. I've never asked anybody out.

Mr. Wesley and Conner went out to fight evil monsters. I asked to go, but they said that I couldn't. :-( I can't wait to be able to go out and save lives just like them, and be a superhero! Maybe one day.

That's all, O Fair Journal. I promise I'll update you more often.

Love The LA Gang

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