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Intro: You've just stumbled upon the Not So LA side of life!
Here is where you'll find the whole Angel/BtVS gang interacting
from the Vampirous Angel to the high-kicking Faith. Enjoy as
you allow your eyes to wonder Virtual LA, but always be careful,
for their eyes may be looking back at you. ;)

A few 'Not So Sunnydale' Rules:

1. You must update your journal at least twice a month. Once a week would be great but I know people are lazy and busy so please, once every two weeks should give you plenty of time to come up with something decent.

2. You must write posts coherently and intelligently. Please don't write two paragraphs and call it an entry. We write round robin entries in which thoughts, dialogue, and description are expected if you are a major character.

3. Feel free to offer up plot ideas at any time. I am always eager to hear what my players think would be good and interesting for the community. Don't be afraid to speak up.

4. Lastly, it's common courtesy not to butcher or kill a character without their permission. Cuts and bruises are fun, but no killage unless it's part of the plot!

The 'NotSo' Bunch:

- Not So Sunnydale BtVS RPG
- Not So Original BtVS/A:tS based Original characters RPG
- Not So LA A:tS RPG
- Not So Delusional OOC Madness for NSS/NSO/NSB/NSLA RPGers

If you wanna join any of the above send an e-mail to FaithWickedSlayr@aol.com and you may well be part of the madness.

LA Residents:
Faith: faith5x5
Angel: deadxboy
Connor: angelsdestroyer
Cordelia: queen_c
Wesley: shotgun_wes
Andrew: storyteller_boy
Fred: burkle_winifred
Gwen: electro_gwen
Lorne: lorne_thehost
Ben: gentle_ben
Groosalug: groosalug
Drusilla: lady_drusilla

Sunnydale Visitors:
Buffy: OPEN
Dawn: key_dawn
Willow: OPEN
Tara: missmaclay
Xander: xander_harris
Anya: anya_anyanka
Katie (formerly Miss Kitty Fantastico): misskfantastico
Amy: amy_madison
Spike: bloody_william
Kennedy: kennedy_slays
Buffybot (aka Annie): buffy_bot
Xanderbot (aka Alex): xander_bot

Deceased characters:

Any characters not listed are encouraged to apply!

Disclaimer: We do not claim to own ANY of the characters featured in our game so please don't sue us, all BtVS and A:tS characters belong to the one and only Joss Whedon, so thank him for their coolness. The NSB characters belong to various, but all we know is, they're not ours!